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Building in Lost Park Ranch
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Architectural Control Committee Approval

Mr. Gary Jasper, Mr. Jed Caswall, and Mr. Jason Hopfer are your current members of the Architectural Control Committee (ACC).  Lost Park Ranch Covenants require you to obtain written approval from the ACC before you proceed with any construction (a fence, a shed, or an entire dwelling); install a septic system; or make exterior alterations such as installing a new roof or exterior painting. This needs to be done as one of the first steps in the permit process and is required even if Park County does not require you to get a permit.

Likewise, you will probably be drilling a well as part of your plans—after drilling is complete, please record the following information and pass it to the ACC; it is required to be included in the yearly water augmentation submission:

Lost Park lot no.
Well permit no. 
Household or domestic use?
Cabin or vacant lot?
Full time or occasional use?
Telephone number — in case we have any questions!   

The ACC has designed a form for the membership to use to make interaction with the ACC easier and expedite the ACC approval process. The ACC has also developed building guidelines for further information.

mouse graphic Request for Architectural Control Committee Approval
(This form is electronically fillable - if you prefer to complete the form by hand, simply print a copy.)

mouse graphic Guidelines for Building in Lost Park Ranch

mouse graphic Posted Address Requirements