Annual LPROA dues are required to be paid by January 31st of each year for each lot owned.


LPROA Annual Dues Allocation

  • Operating expenses: $40
  • Water augmentation maintenance fund: $37
  • Emergency reserve account: $3
  • Tarryall Fishing Club dues: $40
  • TOTAL: $120 (per lot in ownership)

Nonpayment of dues will result in a late fee charge of $25 (per lot per year), after January 31st of that calendar year. If current year's dues plus late fee are not settled on or before the Annual Membership Meeting, a lien will be filed against your lot(s).



  • $150 transfer fee (per lot in ownership): Change in property ownership
  • $25 status letter fee: Title Company request
  • $25 late fee: This fee applies for each year of unpaid dues and/or special assessment
  • $20 Nonsufficient funds fee: This fee applies for a "bounced" check (plus any other third-party fees)
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